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Thanks for stopping by The Ferryman.
I'd love to get your commentsgood or bad, but hopefully constructive. Errors or omissions in what I have here? If so tell me and I'll make it right.
What I'd really like is if you can find me a ferry that I didn't know about, so I can go and check it out and add it to the site. Anything in the Ottawa and Saint Lawrence watersheds I am especially interested in. Further afield depends on how I can fit it in with my travels.
So, please go ahead and send me an email at
I've not provided a forum or discussion section on the site, because in my experience the comments on websites range from amazingly interesting and detailed to downright dumb and sick.
But if you send me something that will enrich the site then I will incorporate it (with or without crediting youyour choice). Personal experiences? Photos? History? How it is to work on a ferry? Please send it along.
Thanks for your input
Keith Dunn
The Ferryman