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Thanks for stopping by. I'd love to hear from youit gets lonely doing all this without any feedback. Please send me your commentsgood or bad, but hopefully constructive. Errors or omissions in what I have here? If so tell me and I'll make it right.
What I'd really like is if you can find me a ferry I don't know about, so I can go and check it out and add it to the site. Anything in the Ottawa and Saint Lawrence watersheds I am especially interested in. Further afield depends on how I can fit it in with my travels.
If you send me something that will enrich the site then I will incorporate it (with or without crediting youyour choice). Personal experiences? Photos? History? How it is to work on a ferry? Please send it along.
So please email any comments to , or use the contact form below. I'll get back to you soon.
Thanks for your input!
Sorry, but please don't ask me questions like "Is your ferry running now?" I don't own or operate any ferriesI just like visiting, photographing and writing about them. If you have a question about the operation of a particular ferry, please contact the operator directlyalmost all ferry pages include a link to their website in the info section.
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