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Ferries of the Ottawa and Saint Lawrence riversThat's FOSL for short

This is the main feature of The Ferryman and covers all the ferries of the Ottawa and Saint Lawrence rivers in eastern Canada. This is my home territory and these rivers support a large and varied collection of ferries that inspired this project.
Many of these I have used, and the others are in my sights to visit as soon as possible. Most are illustrated with better quality, up-to-date photos and text. But some that I last saw many years ago are not so well covered.

Other ferries in Canada and around the worldAll other ferries not in the Ottawa and Saint Lawrence watershed

Growing up in Britain, and enjoying travelling, I have over the years come across, and often actively sought out, ferries wherever I have been. So I have organised my photos and experiences here, but in a way that is more personal and a lot less rigorous than I did for the Ottawa and Saint Lawrence.
Some of these photos were taken 50 years ago. I have scanned in creased black and white prints taken with my old Brownie, and slides with finger prints. But many others are recent and better quality. These sections are very much still a work-in-progress as I catch up with my old material.

Odds and endsThese are the supporting pages