Change log The history of changes to ferryman.ca

Dates prior to the Official launch indicate the date of change. Dates after indicate the date the change was published on the web.
2016-12-20 Howe Island Township page added
2016-11-24 ferryman.ca domain name registered
2016-11-16 Work started on the website
2017-12-15 Colour changes. Better side menu. More mobile improvements.
2017-12-08 Lots of work making everything mobile friendly. Almost OK now.
2017-11-30 Cleaned up <head>, <meta>, viewport, created test page
2017-11-27 Added alphabetic index and did more site rearrangement to de-emphasise FOSL. Now 1301 files, 434 MB
2017-11-26 Added Ostend, Vlissingen
2017-11-25 Added Ramsgate, Calais, Zeebrugge, air ferries
2017-11-22 Added Dover. Now 1231 files, 422 MB.
2017-11-21 Added About page, Grove Ferry, Ramsgate, Dorval Island and Calais
2017-11-15 Menu introduced, navigation reworked
2017-11-14 Added flag support. More consolidation of directory structure
2017-11-11 Added Hřensko, Dolní Žleb and Newhaven. Now 1098 files, 401 MB.
2017-11-10 Added Quyon
2017-11-08 Added Masson-Cumberland
2017-11-04 Additions to Glenora
2017-11-01 Complete change of directory structure
2017-10-30 Added Ecolos - Thurso-Clarence. Now 958 files, 346 MB.
2017-10-29 Added Fassett-Lefaivre
2017-10-26 Added Carillon - Pointe-Fortune. Created an external links system
2017-10-21 Added Oka-Hudson
2017-10-18 Added Île-Bizard
2017-10-13 Added Horne's Ferry. Created draft logo and favicon. Improved bulk photo layout
2017-09-29 Summer intervened! Trois-Pistoles stub added. Ottawa-one-day added (words only)
2017-06-29 Budapest added
2017-04-18 Borden added, top-nav added. Now 160 MB.
2017-04-17 Wood Islands added
2017-04-11 🎂 Entry Island and Souris added
2017-04-04 Magdalen added
2017-03-31 Sorel, Levis, Isle-aux-Coudres, Tadoussac added
2017-03-19 Amherst Island page added. This history page added
2017-03-14 Generic pages created for ferries not yet visited, or not yet documented
2017-03-11 Howe Island County page added
2018-12-30 Add photos and text to Oka ferry for Sept. 2018 crossing
Fixed a few more typos (they're like dandelions in a lawn - better just learn to live with them!)
Added "cruise-ferry" to the ferry types glossary
Added Stockholm-Grinda ferry page
Created a mini-index with flags on the World page and Canada-US page
Changed external link icon
Added Djurgården (Stockholm harbour) ferry page
Changed ca01_... to caon01_... for consistency with plan to categorise "other" Canadian ferries by province
Added Grand Manan page
Duplicated links to the FOSL under relevant provinces in the Canada-US list to make more complete reference
Introduced a FOSL "logo" at the top of FOSL pages to enhance identity
Fixes and improvements to the index page
Some additions to the Southsea-Ryde Hovercraft ferry page
2018-12-05 Fixed Grove ferry link on about page
Created a text sitemap, linked to footer
Added nav tags to navigation code
Renamed this page to "Change log"
Created a custom 404 error page, and 403 error message
Added auto-generated favicon and apple-touch, Facebook icons
Make consistent use of em and strong tags instead of i and b
Added aerial photos and text to Oka page
Fixed details in menu and other css
To avoid confusion, disabled the experimental plus/minus feature that can cut down the number of photos view
2018-11-28 Fixed index.html that was still calling for an include file removed in the last update
Fixed a few typos
2018-11-26 Defined a new header/footer include structure, simpler and adhering to better SEO practice. Rolled out to all pages
Some improvements to the "Not yet visited" page template
Fixed 1px hover jiggle in top bar menu items
2018-11-20 Added ads and cookies warning to Google Search.
Changed images and text on welcome page to be more introductory, with a collage image
Fixed "Black left/right-pointing triangle" quirk in MS Edge
Made it clearer on the Can-US page that the FOSL existed
Finished (for now) the glossary of ferry types and features
2018-11-19 Cleaned up the coding in many small areas based on W3C page checking
2018-11-18 Added some hard links and sitemaps to help search engines. Fixed a couple of broken links. 72 indexable pages
2018-11-16 ⛴️ Official launch - ferryman.ca is now live!
2018-11-15 Turned on search engine crawler bot access. Turned on Google search features. Coded fallback CSS for IE and similar old browsers
2018-11-14 Re-configuration of server and first upload to production location ferryman.ca. Now 1451 files, 495 MB
2018-11-13 Many fixes for old browsers and IE (mainly var() fallback). Could affect 10% of users. Now workable, not yet perfect.
2018-11-12 Fixed several broken links. Disabled up/down arrow special usage. Added new bridge discussion to Masson–Cumberland
2018-11-03 Finally back on the job after a 6 month hiatus caused by travel, farm issues and the distractions of summer
2018-05-10 Improved the menu and main links. Added some color coding.
2018-05-04 Reorganised the top bar "menu"
2018-05-04 Reorganised titbits page with accordion and includes. Made ferry page variables global
2018-05-01 Edited Dolní Žleb. Now completed pre-release edit of all documented ferries. All .shtml changed to .html. Adjusted .htaccess
2018-04-30 Added standardised css styles for units (like ft), for to-from symbols and for em-dash
2018-04-28 Edited Belém, Budapest, Hřensko. Now 1420 files, 491 MB
2018-04-28 Edited Ostend, and Baldur. Removed all the Dreamweaver _notes folders
2018-04-26 Edited Vlissingen and Calais. Improved Ramsgate and hovercraft sections
2018-04-25 Edited Southsea-Ryde. Added Titbits section on aircraft and hovercraft ferry types
2018-04-23 Edited Grove Ferry, Newhaven-Dieppe, Portsmouth, Ramsgate. Improved index page and added keystroke shortcuts
2018-04-22 Edited Uig-Tarbert, Cross-Channel air ferries, and Dover
2018-04-15 ❄ Split the "other ferries" pages into one page per ferry. Renamed many files to make maintenance easier
2018-04-14 Improved the Welcome page
2018-04-11 🎂 Moved to using Brackets/WAMP/Filezilla. Edited the About page
2018-03-30 🐣 Improved Contact page and Site contents pages. Moved to Open Sans font for the main body, at 16px
2018-03-29 Sharing page brought to a good-enough-for-now level
2018-03-28 Added watermark-style graphics to several plain pages
2018-03-27 Rebuilt the FOSL index page, with maps and added text. Added stub for Forestville
2018-03-22 Edited Wood Islands and Borden. And lots of FTP trouble
2018-03-21 Edited Channel-Port aux Basques and unvisited Gulf ferries. Split LNS and Gulf on the List of... page
2018-03-19 Edited Souris
2018-03-18 Edited Entry Island and some of the unvisited ferries
2018-03-17 Edited Sorel, Lévis, Isle-aux-Coudres, Tadoussac
2018-03-16 Edited Magdalen. Added Matane stub
2018-03-11 Edited Dorval Island and Montreal navettes fluviales
2018-03-11 Edited Hornes, Howe County and Township
2018-03-10 Edited Glenora, Amherst Island, Wolfe Island. Improved index page features
2018-03-09 Edited Ottawa River all-in-one-day
2018-03-07 Edited Île-Bizard
2018-03-04 Edited and improved Hudson-Oka. Now 1423 files, 475 MB
2018-03-03 Edited Quyon, Masson, Clarence, Fassett, Pointe-Fortune. Improved index.
2018-03-02 Added stubs for four Lower North Shore ferries
2018-03-01 Added keyboard control to next/previous ferry. Added system to control viewing more/fewer photos.
2018-02-26 Added Southsea-Ryde and Portsmouth-Ryde. Added Hudson and Pointe-Fortune ice bridges.
2018-01-27 More mobile-friendly fixes. Rework of the JS and CSS for image display.
2019-12-30 Added Baños aerial ferry page
Fixed regression bug in link to OpenStreetMap
Some improvements to the map links
2019-12-05 Added Auckland Harbour ferries page
Added New Zealand Maritime Museum page
Added other New Zealand ferries (Whitianga, Wellington Harbour, Clifden, Stewart Island) page
Added support to link location to New Zealand topo map
Added Cook Strait ferries page
2019-11-25 Added photos to Newhaven-Dieppe page
Some additions to the Sorel ferry page
Added Woolwich ferry page
Improvements to script showing terminus locations
Cleanup on Ramsgate hovercraft page
Added three Richelieu River ferries page
Improved the index relating to saint-names
2019-09-05 Added Waupoos Island ferry page
2019-05-25 Major update to Sorel ferry page after a visit in March
New blog article
2019-05-11 Fixed Oka ice bridge link
New blog article
2019-02-21 Tweaked robots.txt to satisfy Google
Added the ferry to Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport
2019-02-06 Added Bygdøy ferry/Oslo page
Added own photo album of Stockholm to the Stockholm ferry page
2019-01-15 Bergen to Tromsø page improved
Improvements to indexing
2019-01-13 Added Bergen to Tromsø page
Improvements to page head indexes
Now 1451 files, 495 MB
2019-01-03 Added White Head Island ferry page
A few additions and fixes to Grand Manan
2020-09-19 Background improvements to image handling (removed title=, added alt=, using loading=lazy to improve speed when many images)
2020-07-12 Several improvements to the 404 error reporting
2020-06-27 Changed from using the term Contact to using Comments. Too many users were assuming that Contact referred to the ferry operator and were emailing me requests like "Is the ferry open"
2020-05-25 Improvements to the sitemap, XML and text versions
2020-05-18 Removed some superfluous divs from the British Isles and World index pages
Updates to Wolfe Island ferry page
Added Simcoe Island ferry page
Fixed upper/lower case image file name problem in the Curaçao page
Improved the 404 error capture page to give feedback on missing page
Added a classic email form with reCAPTCHA to the contact page and a few related improvements
Added Inside Passage ferry page
2020-03-06 Fixed regression bug relating to the position of the image magnifying glass
Fixed width issues for certain mobile device screen widths
2020-02-29 Added Emirates Air Line cable car across the Thames page
Split the Ferry Glossary off into a separate page
Added Malawi ferries
Improvements to the accordion feature
Added Sint Annabaai ferry, Willemstad, Curaçao page
Improvements to index pages to World, British Isles and Canada/US
Improvements to visual aspects of the multi-line links
Changed to using Source Sans and Alegreya Sans typefaces
Cleanup of style sheets to make more consistent and programmatic
Moved the external ferry links page into "Ferry titbits"
Made cleaner my idiosyncratic approach to the em dash
Added some and changed some of the quirky colour tags
New blog article
... and many other minor fixes and improvements. Now 2,578 files, 1,080 MB
2021-03-05 Fixed a few more spelling mistakes and other typos
Fixed/improved the caption on the enlarged version of the photos
Updated to latest JQuery
Improvements to the looks of the Slimbox windows used to display enlarged photos on desktop browsers
Consolidated my use of Slimbox across all my websites by loading it and JQuery from a single library resource
Minor cleanup of the menu code and appearance
Yet more minor font and colour changes
2022-06-10 Fixed minor error on Waupoos Island ferry (thank you Jasmin B.)
2022-05-30 Fixed errors and tidied up Quyon ferry (thank you Melissa J.)
Updated Montreal area passenger ferries
2022-05-15 Added Kyle of Lochalsh to Kyleakin, Skye ferries
Spruced up the Ferries of the British Isles and Canada/US index pages
Fixed OS Maps links that were broken by a change in OS Maps
Fixed more Google search problems related to too small font size and clickable spacing
Added Kylesku ferry
Added Hoy ferry
Added Yell and Unst ferries
Improved some consistencies in the index
Added Fishguard-Rosslare ferry (record-only format)
Added Passage East-Ballyhack ferry (record-only format)
Added Saint-Malo-Guernsey ferry (record-only format)
... and other minor fixes and improvements. Now 2,992 files, 1.24GB
2022-03-19 Background code fixes to better comply with standards
Version numbering of CSS and JS files to improve updating process
2022-03-17 Fixed an upper case file name type causing a server error 500
Yet more minor fixes to improve the code, especially the header, and mobile features
Additional photos, plus info on the new boat for Wolfe Island
2022-02-26 Fixed small bug in the structured data
Added missing alt= for certain images
Fixed (at last!) the horizontal overflow for mobile devices with widths < about 400
Replaced many mobile tests in the CSS with pointer coarse/fine tests to reflect reality
Increased button spacing for tap (non-mouse) devices
Replaced tap/click JS code with CSS
Replaced many uses of document.write with OnLoad processing
Replaced most icon-style <img> with background images
2022-02-19 Automated the creation of metadata, title and SEO info
Now able to remove the second header include
Cleaned and simplified some background code and HTML
Adjusted kerning in masthead
Improved handling of the FOSL subheader
Countless CSS and related changes to clean up consistency and quality of code
Moved the top-bar links to inline code instead of written by the JS
Added a "Jump to top of page" button to make long pages easier to use
2022-01-17 Renamed all the .html files to .php - a more robust solution than using .htaccess
2022-01-16 Changed the Change log page to show different years in tabs
.htaccess server change to allow .php files to run PHP scripts
All the old SSI includes now replaced by PHP equivalents
Automated file update dates
Consolidated and made consistent button and input styles
Fixed some Lighthouse reported font size and spacing issues
Reprogrammed the share to use a simplified popup
Consolidated the Welcome and Contents pages into one Home page
2022-01-12 Updated to JQuery 3.6.0
Abandoned the concept of showing more/less photos in order to simplify
Added links YouTube videos of 1950s 8mm video of Oka and Île-Bizard ferries in operation
Introduced "last edited" date stamp for pages - will only show for edits 2022 and later
Added Halifax Harbour ferries
Added Little Narrows ferry
Added Englishtown ferry
Added LaHave ferry
Started adding MMSI numbers
... and other minor fixes and improvements. Now 2,829 files, 1.17GB