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The Ferryman is my personal collection of articles and photographs about ferries. About the crossings, the boats and the land around. About the experience of getting there, and the experience of making the crossing. Of the thousands of ferries spread around the world The Ferryman concentrates on those on the Ottawa and Saint Lawrence rivers in eastern Canada.
For my whole life I have sought out ferries when I travel. So in 2016 when we found ourselves in the middle of the Saint Lawrence River on a two-day ferry trip to the Magdalen Islands I asked myself Why not put together a little website to share my ferry photos and experiences?
The target I set was to visit, photograph and write about all the Ferries of the Ottawa and Saint Lawrence rivers. Many of these I have already visited, some have been on my wish-list for a long time, and some I didn't know existed until I started researching. My catalogue is far from complete, but I'm having fun working on it.
As the project got under way I found that I have many old photos and memories of ferries elsewhere around the world, and so I started adding them to this site too. But many of these documented in less detail, and some of my photos go back over 50 years to my first camera, a black and white film Brownie.
This isn't a travel guide, nor is it a compendium of facts about boats. Don't expect a lot of detail about the horsepower or tonnage. It's a personal account of the ferries and the places and events surrounding them. And an excuse to publish my photos. I try to keep the information accurate and up to date, but please don't rely on what I saygo to the official sources for prices, schedules etc.
Please tell me when I get anything wrong, send me any any stories you might have about these ferries. And most of all, if I've missed one, please tell me so I can go and check it out.
Except where noted all photos and text are minethat's what I enjoy doing. Come back oftenI still have plenty of photos to add and lots of ferries on my list to check out and write up. Like life, this is a work in progress.