We set aside our first full day in New Zealand to be spent around Auckland's waterfront. After enjoying a cruise around the harbour we would have liked to just walk the downtown waterfront area and absorb the setting, but it all seemed too built-up to be able to enjoy like that.
So we headed into the New Zealand Maritime Museum in mid-afternoon, and were reluctant to leave when closing time came. It covers everything maritime, from the early Māori arrivals, the colonial immigrations, the development of shipping agricultural produce to Europe, modern competitive sailing, and tons more. And of course there were plenty of exhibits relating to ferries, which have always been so important to New Zealand, not least because it is spread over two main islands.
So the photos I have here are of the museum exhibits. Not my normal thing, but offering a reminder of the history of ferries in New Zealand, and what this marvellous museum has to offer.

Opening hours
10 to 5 every day except Christmas day
NZ$20 for adults
Various concession rates
When I was there
March 2019