If you're coming from the New Brunswick direction and making a beeline for Anne of Green Gables country, then there is no rational reason to take this ferryjust go with the flow and the Confederation Bridge will whisk you into PEI in no time. But if you're feeling a little irrational, if you feel that a trip to an offshore island needs a ferry otherwise it won't seem like an island, then take the detour and take the only ferry that still connects the mainland to PEI.
Or of course you might be coming from the Nova Scotia direction, as we were back in July 1989, in which case hopping on the ferry at Caribou and crossing to Wood Islands makes lots of sense.
I remember little from that trip other than the fact that the boat seemed pretty old and that the weather was the perfect combination of clear sky, sun, warm temperatures and a fine sea breeze.
Once on the Island we took the Trans Canada to Charlottetown, and then on to Cabot Beach Provincial Park by the mouth of Malpeque Bay where we camped for several days. There the wind blew continuously, which, when you're living in a tent, grinds you down after a few days no matter how nice the weather is otherwise. But it was a great place to enjoy PEI with a young family.
Our best memory of PEI? Visiting the North Cape and watching the harvesting of kelp from the sea using horses, and just generally soaking up the coastal landscape. There's something about red sandstone cliffs that makes you feel good!
And did we go and pay a visit to Anne of Green Gables? Nope, not then, nor on our more recent visit in 2016. Maybe next time. Maybe… Perhaps…

Ferry info
75 minutes crossing time
Summer only (after May 1)
The boats
$78 for a car, $20 for a passenger, return (2018)
Reservations recommended
Check website for up to date details
Northumberland Ferries
When I used the ferry
July 1989