Arriving in the Magdalens by sea, Entry Island is the first land you seean impressive rock, with its highest, steepest cliffs on the east side facing the outside world as if to ward off invaders and protect the other low flat Magdalens. The island itself is just 2 by 3, and it is about 12 from Cap-aux-Meules. But it contains the highest point in the Magdalens, the 174 m "Big Hill".
The west side is flatter, lower and contains most of the habitationwhat there is of it, because the population is now down to under 100. On a grey stormy day, as it was when we arrived on the ferry from Montreal, Entry island looks menacing, and unwelcoming. But on the sunny day when we departed on the ferry to Souris, PEI, the smoothly bumpy emerald green land looks very inviting and well worthy of a casual day's hike. It would be a great place to view the whole of the Magdalen Islands.
Alas our time in the Magdalens was limited and the twice-a-day ferry service to Entry Island did not allow us the flexibility to go and check it out for ourselves. A decision I regretted as we passed by in the sun, having watched the ferry, the Ivan-Quinn, leave the harbour ahead of us on the one hour crossing. Next time!
The ferry was named after a former grocer, mayor, musician and island celebrity who died in 2002.

Ferry info
Crossing time 1 hour, 19.8.
Operates year-round, two crossings per day, except Sundays.
Subject to cancellation in winter due to bad ice problems, when the service is replaced by a helicopter.
The boat
CTMA on behalf of the Société des traversiers du Québec
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(for schedule and prices)
$16.70 return for adults
There are no cars on the island, but ATVs are used. ATVs, kayaks and bikes can be carried on the ferry
When I was there
September 2016

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