Not many people will know where Simcoe Island is, and until I started researching ferries that included me. In fact it is an island about 6 long and wide, and is effectively the first of the Thousand Islands, marking the very beginning of the Saint Lawrence river. Mainly farmland, with a historic lighthouse at its westernmost tip, it lists a population of about 80.
To get there you need to first take the ferry from Kingston to Wolfe Island, and then turn right and drive 5 to 6 west from Marysville before turning right into Simcoe Island Ferry Road. It's a simple cable operated 3 car ferry – about the size you expect for such a small and empty island.
I visited during the winter when I had gone to Wolfe Island to see if I could photograph some snowy owls. The ferry was operating, with the water being kept open by an air bubble system. The ice conditions dictate if the ferry remains operational in they winter, or if vehicles cross over on the ice.
I did not have the time to cross myself this time. I plan to come back in warmer weather with my bike and explore the island in a leisurely pace.

Ferry info
Operates on-demand, seasonal About 450 across. Crossing time about 5 minutes
The boat
$6 for a car, $2 for a pedestrian (return)
Frontenac County
When I visited the ferry
February 2020

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