It's just five minutes drive from where I live, so I feel extremely remiss not having better photos and more information. But there is a reasonthe Dorval Island ferry is semi-private, in that it is only usable by residents of Dorval Island and their invited guests.
The island has an area of less than a tenth of a square mile and is a couple of hundred yards off the shore of Montreal Island in Lac Saint-Louis, a part of the Saint Lawrence. Its population is debatable. It's listed at 5 for the 2011 census, and there are about 58 cottages on the island. But the ferry only runs from May to Octoberthe rest of the time it is unreachable and unoccupied.
But it does rate as being a municipality in its own rightthe smallest in Canada. It was sucked into Montreal during the mergers of 2002, together with its neighbour, the City of Dorval, but like most of the West Island the population voted to demerge in a referendum in 2002. Summer life on the Island is apparently very relaxed and peaceful. I can't fault anyone, who can afford the luxury, of wanting to maintain that little oasis so close to the pleasures and problems of Montreal.
The ferry leaves from a small dock where Dorval Avenue hits the shore of Lac Saint-Louis, sandwiched between a couple of highish-rise condo blockslake view real estate has a high value here. When I finally decided I needed a couple of photos it was a bitter, miserable, mid-November day, just following from our first snow of the season. The passenger-only ferry was out of the water on stands in the ferry car park, looking in the same mood as the weather. Behind it was a simple one-vehicle barge that is presumably used to get equipment to the island when needed . The island is vehicle freebut bikes are really all that is needed.
I'll return in the summer when the sky is blue and the boat will be happy, and smiling for the camera as it makes its shuttle. I'd like to take the ride across and take a few more photos, but that will depend on my finding a resident willing to invite me. Any offers, please?

Ferry info
Runs from May to October
Can only be used by Dorval Island residents and their invited guests
The boat
Pedestrians only
Included in the taxes paid by the residents
Town of Dorval Island
When I've seen the ferry
Off and on since 1979

A very few photos